Parent Orientation

Parent orientation will be Thursday, August 15th from 6:30 to 8:30. This is for Ingleside parents only. Please make plans to attend. There will not be a student orientation this year. The following is an overview of the agenda:

  • Parents meet tutors, see classrooms, bring supplies for tutorial (not student supplies)
  • Large group assembly: Opening remarks
  • Review of class schedules: what Ingleside will be covering and what parents should cover at home (schedules are specific to each grade)
  • Parents participate in hands on learning activities that can be done at home
  • Brief overview and demonstrations of language arts components
  • Logistics for the first day and closing remarks

Our orientation is very different this year. While we’ve focused more on philosophy in the past, this year your time spent during orientation will focus solely on what can be done at home and how. This event is not open to the public as it is centered around Ingleside activities only.

Please mark your calendars for the following events (some dates TBD closer to the event):

Training Events at Ingleside Tutorial

Tuesday, January 28
Looking ahead to the 2020/2021 Academic Year

Come hear about Ingleside’s plans for the next few years and specifically new happenings with and re-enrollment for the upcoming 2020/2021 academic year.

February date TBD 6:30, Calvary Chapel Kids Live Room
Parents Share
Since our last gathering like this in September, parents have asked to do it again! Learning from one another can be invaluable. Ingleside parents run the spectrum from new-to-homeschooling to having many years of homeschooling experience. The common denominators being that we are all journeying together, and we can all learn something new. This will be an evening of discussion. We’ll hear from other Ingleside parents on what’s working for them, hear and see ideas they’ve implemented in their homes, find out their most valuable resources, and ask questions of one another. The goal being to encourage one another as we build community.