Every day, every hour, the parents are either passively or actively forming those habits in their children upon which, more than upon anything else, future character and conduct depend…

Our Model

Our model offers parents more time for imparting the values they hold dear while still providing the benefits of an organized educational community.  With this educational model, each family will have more time together to serve the Lord, one another, and the community to which He has called them.
Thanks to the culture of the classroom and extensive use of narration, students often desire to talk all about that which they are learning.  This should be encouraged!  The schedule also allows for children to have space to explore, play, do chores, focus on habit training, develop skills and interests, and have time to do life together with their siblings and parents.  Parent training will be offered (and required) to equip parents in living out the model Charlotte Mason presents.

Preparing for Ingleside Tutorial

Parents are responsible for registering their homeschooling status with their respective states.

Please see for more information regarding your state’s requirements. Many families choose to register with church-related umbrella schools of which there are a few options.